Women Support

Forum is also working with other civil service agencies for provision of equal opportunities and rights for women to attain their full potential in society. In order to achieve this, healthy minds, bodies and spirits must be a priority.The Peshawar Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized its first focus group meeting as part of a CIPE-funded initiative to identify and address policy-related barriers to the development of women’s entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Access to finance was highlighted as a major issue that will need to be addressed, both to encourage greater participation by women in entrepreneurship and to support the expansion of women-owned firms. Printing special edition of Medical Spectrum (every December) on Women’s Health, Violence against women, Women’s Right issues and Fistula etc. Distribution of IEC material among women, children and people of all ages:

  • Pamphlet on maternal death
  • Pamphlet on women health status
  • Sticker containing messages
  • Badges containing messages
  • Leaflet pamphlet on Fistula
  • A 11 minutes documentary about women with VVF and RVF
  • 2 minutes public message on TV regarding maternal care and its complications
  • Participation in different talk shows on TV maternal health and women right issues.