KARACHI, Pakistan – “Computer Lab has given me a new understanding of the health care,” states a student of Midwifery at Qatar Hospital. In March 2010, with the help of National Heath Foundation, a computer Laboratory was established for mainly Midwifery program at Qatar Hospital in Orangi Town in Karachi. Pakistan. Dr. Shershah, head of Midwifery program and Mr. Salman Arshad, in charge of Computer Communication recommended having a computer lab at the hospital to train midwifery students and bring them up to par with other students in other fields. A funding was approved by the Board of National Health Forum for 10 computers and a digital projector with a multi-media screen.

Salman Arshad wants to teach students,the use of computers for basic literature search and communications. The long term goal is to have a standard curriculum for all midwifery students to learn how to enter simple data, word processing and power point presentations. Besides the midwifery students, the resources at the computer lab are used by all the physicians and para-medical staff.