From its inception in 1997, the Forum carried out a range of activities to further its objectives as mentioned below. Advocacy meetings/ seminars and workshops on maternal health issues for:

  • Doctors, Gynaecologists, Family Physicians, Anaesthetists, Public Health Consultants, Paediatricians.
  • Midwives, Nurses, Paramedics and skilled health workers.
  • Teachers/University faculty.
  • Lawyers and Journalists.
  • NGO works in health sectorNGO works in health sector.
  • Women Organizations and General Public.


Koohi Goth Hospital is a 200 bedded health care center where all obstetrics & gynecology services are provided free of cost and without any discrimination of race, color, caste or creed. Here, great efforts are made to provide rehabilitation services to the underprivileged women of Pakistan; especially to fistula patients (an acquired disease in which, due to child birth complications, there is a false connection which causes continuous leakage of urine and/or feces). This is the only charity fistula treatment center in South Asia, and provides state of the art laparoscopy surgery and fistula management training.

Declamation contest for students on maternal mortality and morbidity in:

Painting competition and exhibition on Violence Against Women. Meeting with Ulema and Imams of Mosques to highlight the women health issues in masses. Joint Meeting with Anesthesia Society of Pakistan to develop protocol for anesthesia practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Organized first Midwifery Conference to create awareness regarding midwives and their role in society.

  • Medical Colleges
  • Universities
  • Bar Councils

Distribution of IEC material among women, children and people of all ages:

  • Pamphlet on maternal death.
  • Pamphlet on women health status.
  • Sticker containing messages.
  • Badges containing messages.
  • Leaflet pamphlet on Fistula.
  • A 11 minutes documentary about women with VVF and RVF.

Printing, translation of books into local languages:

  • Midwife ki darsi kitab– Urdu translation.
  • Jahan aurtoon key liyey doctor na ho – Urdu & Sindhi translation.
  • Jahan Doctor na ho– Urdu & Sindhi translation.
  • Aurtoon ki sehat ki kitab – Urdu and Sindhi.
  • Cheekhain – A booklet for general public.
  • Management of PIH and Eclampsia.
  • HIV and Hepatitis B in pregnancy
  • EmOC for General Practitioners.
  • Asaan midwifery – Urdu & Sindhi Translation.
  • Midwifery Ba-Tasveer – Urdu & Sindhi Translation.
  • Infection Say Bachao – Urdu Translation.
  • Zachgi ke hangami Dekhbhaal- Urdu Translation.
  • Nursing ke tadress kae amli Tarekae- Urdu Translation.

Surgical Camps:

PNFW is actively involved in organizing number of out each surgical camps in all parts of country. In these surgical camps patients were treated with Prolapsed Uterus, VVF, RVF andtubal ligations. In last sixteen years we have organized more than 80 camps and operated poor patients.

  • Competency Based Training for Doctors and Midwives.
  • Appreciative Inquiry in hospitals in collaboration with UNICEF.
  • 1st Nursing and Midwifery Symposium.
  • Laparoscopic Surgical Training workshop.
  • 1st National Conference for Paramedics.